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Dart on Android语言体验

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Dart on Android项目又称为sky语言,google将在未来用它替换掉原有的安卓开发语言(Java) 目前大部分中文媒体只是转载了外媒前半部分,下面个人来补充一下 下面摘录的英文来自: The Dart team brought along a demo app, and it was rendering entire frames in 1.2ms. While it was a simple example, it appears Sky has plenty of headroom for silky-smooth animation on more complicated apps and makes that 120FPS goal (8ms rendering time) seem like a possibility. The Dart team says Sky is "Jank-free by design" with APIs that don't block the main UI thread, meaning that even if the app slows down, the UI will still be fast and responsive. Sky's Web background carries over to the mobile space. It's platform agnostic—the code can run on Android, iOS, or anything with a Dart VM. Apps work a little like websites, too. While there is a bare-bones Android APK, the majority of the app is served over HTTP, allowing for continuous deployment where everyone always runs the newest version. URLs are a base layer of DART, so everything is internet aware. The downside to this is that the demo app doesn't work when you're offline, and starting the app takes a second or two because it needs to download data. Both of these could be solved with caching, though. Serving over HTTP makes development a lot easier. Instead of editing code, compiling, and installing the new app, code is edited on the HTTP server, and the app just needs to be closed and opened again to "refresh" it with the new code. It's just like a Web browser. For Android development there's the Sky Framework, which provides a whole bucket of Material Design widgets, allowing developers to easily add action bars, touch effects, navigation panels, and all the bits you would expect in an Android app. Sky apps have full access to Android privileges and APIs, just like a normal app, but when combined with the automatic updates from a Web server somewhere, this makes for a big security question. Again though, Sky is just an experiment at this point, and questions like this need to be answered before Sky becomes a serious Android app solution. The group's GitHub page says "We're still iterating on Sky heavily, which means the framework and underlying engine are both likely to change in incompatible ways several times" but Sky's focus on speed and different way of doing Android development makes it

seem like something to watch in the future. 简单的翻译一下每段大意: Dart项目组带来了一个演示程序,每个帧以1.2ms的速度渲染,SKY采用了Jank-free设计的API不会阻塞UI线程。 Sky的Web后台与平台无关,应用程序均需要通过HTTP来下载,离线就无法使用。 服务over HTTP使开发变得更容易。 Sky开发的App能够获得Android的所有权限和API,就像正常的应用程序一样。但是与某个地方的Web服务器自动更新结合起来时,会产生安全问题。 演示的App: 辅助下载: 备用下载: 官方github: 个人使用体验: 由于演示App需要加载服务器的资源,耗费了2~3分钟,初始界面是这样的 然后第一个(Stocks App)点进去是这样的,这里点进去也要2~3分钟,进去操作主要就是滑动,滑动的体验还是很流畅的 第二个(Touch Demo)点进去是这样的,这里点进去也要2~3分钟,进去就是让你乱点屏幕,测试它的反应,个人体验还是比较流畅的 后面两个点了之后可能是因为连不上服务器,加载不出来,一直显示白屏 鉴于当前的网络状况,如果安卓应用需要时时联网的,可以考虑用这个开发,如果单机游戏什么的,还是别折腾了


Dart on Android项目又称为sky语言,google将在未来用它替换掉原有的安卓开发语言(Java) 目前大部分中文媒体只是转载了外媒前半部分,下面个人来补充一下 下面摘录的英文来自:http://arstechni